Our Projects

More than 22 years ago iBS entered the IT industry. Since then, we have implemented projects to enhance IT experience for SMEs during various types of pastimes, e.g. system integration, networking, maintainance as well for establishing network connectivity from building to building or and island to island. Having deep knowledge of the IT industry at 2002 we started offering software services in growing internet industry focusing to all SMEs which need it a tailor made software solution for their vertical business needs. Today, our solution and business services are used by such industries as Athens International Airport, DHL and others SMEs industry leaders. As actions speak louder than words you may explore the hallmark examples of our work (featured projects) and our portfolio including websites, eshops, blogs.

All Projects

We are keeping records about Featured projects that iBS accomplished with success. We named “Featured” because these specific IT and Software related projects, needed a tech expertise for accomplishing or were part of an synergy with other IT companies or and were fro SME’s indusrty leaders. Visit also, our portfolio including web sites, eshops and portals, use our left sided menu for showing projects by Technology, by Industryor and by solution