Electronic Voting

We know that traditional voting can be exhausting for all participants.

That’s why you can count on us for support in every step of the way to electronical voting.

eVoting Application for Dicentis Multimedia Devices

A one of a kind software application for your Dicentis Multimedia Devices. Votings in your language and incerdible experience for up to 300 simultaneous connections

Hall Display Monitors

The management of the display points is performed very easily through the application’s main console.

Brilliant decisions are made here

Get the answers you need and run your efficient and secure votting solution with us today.

With eVoting Application, a better voting experience awaits.


eVoting Application is the software you need to make electronical voting real.

Build your ballot in minutes and notify participants. Using our evoting solution they’ll cast their votes, using their Bosch Dicentis Multimedia Devices.


Finally, seamless voting and mic operation with encrypted votes for big votings.

With fully auditable voting events. We’ve consistently following strict security protocols ideal for parliamentary voting


Users interface in your language and voting’s customization according to your needs.

Therefore, whether your need custom reporting analytics, or even tips on how to move from traditional voting to electronical, we’re here for you.

Bosch Dicentis Multimedia IP Devices

The DICENTIS Conference System is the revolutionary IP-based platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow. Bosch Dicentis Multimedia Devices are revolutionary because except of using eVoting Application, are Open for Developing. In other words we can implement your ideas into a robust Custom Made Application

The DICENTIS Devices with 7 inch touchscreen delivers many conference functions. Fast participant recognition is possible by means of an NFC magnetic identification card. 

eVoting Application Modules

Android Voting Client

eVoting Application running on Bosch Dicentis Multimedia Devices is able to handle any kind of ballots and voting methods. Definitely, totally secured and managed from administrator, system. Most noteworthy benefits:

  • Multilingual User interface
  • Voting’s customization according clients’ needs
  • Secure, Reliable and Seamless votings operation
  • Rapid response time, during concurrent use by large number of users


Hall Display Monitors

The voting results are displayed on the large screens, on the internet and the television channel. The management of the display points is performed very easily through the evoting main console.

  • Centralized Administration for Hall Monitors
  • Easy to use Windows Admin interface
  • Fast Response Time to all Hall monitors
  • Zero Devices Administration

Windows Administration

The functional specifications of a votings may have very specific characteristics. As a result, speakers registration and voting delegations would challenge any other application. Certainly eVoting Application is able to handle any kind of registration and voting methods.

  • Real time Voting Control
  • Automated elections results based on custom rules
  • Customizable Votings reports and Results
  • Export voting results to Word, Excel, PDF files

Industry Expertise

Above all, we offer fully managed and customizable voting solutions for enterprise organizations, conferences and parliaments. Our development team can accommodate a variety of technical customizations, Language options, Ballots types and more. Even more you’ll also receive extended support to meet all of your unique needs, satisfied.

Therefore your entire electronical voting experience could be also managed by our experienced team, leaving the difficult parts on us.

Proof of Concept

Consequently, as actions speak louder than words, one of the largest European parliament is using our eVoting Application, the Hellenic Parliament!

Probably, the largest installation in Parliamentary Hall, 300 Dicentis Multimedia Devices used for voting, is our proof of concept!

Setting Out

Above all, we value cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we are eager to rise to your business challenge to create the best electronical voting experience. Just drop us a line and get a free consultation on how to move from traditional voting to electronical.